Monday, March 05, 2018

Here comes the sun

In between the recent rain squalls we've actually seen the sun. It's not been nearly enough to dry things out, but it's a welcome sight nonetheless. As we approach the equinox, the point on the horizon where the sun rises is moving back toward the east from it's south-easterly low point at the solstice. We get more daylight with each passing day; more opportunities for the sun to shine through breaks in the clouds.

The sun rises on a hazy winter morning.

March historically brings unsettled weather. In France, les giboulées de mars (March squalls) are well known. In the US, we say that March winds bring April showers, and April showers bring May flowers. In France they have the winds and the showers in the same month. How considerate!


  1. The caption borders on Haiku. The photo is already poetry. Hope you're improving. Our rain/sun continues; it can't decide at the moment.

  2. Walt,

    On the east coast they have to live with the Nor'Easter these days !


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