Thursday, March 22, 2018

Narrow stair

While walking around the little street that runs between the castle wall and the rest of the town in Lapalisse, we saw this narrow passage that was a stair down to the main street. It was barely wide enough for a person. Somebody on the "rounder side" would have a difficult time. And the stair was steep.

Ken posted a photo of the shuttered building across the street a few days ago. He didn't go down the stair, but continued around the buildings on the left. I didn't get that far with the dog.

I did not attempt the stair since I had Tasha attached to my waist. I don't think she was too interested in going through there, either. That looks like some kind of air conditioning unit installed above the stair between the buildings.


  1. A few reasons to avoid that stairway -- one being that overhanging AC unit!

  2. I doubt you'd find a stairway that narrow in the USA with all of our over-stuffed citizens. French people are thinner, for the most part.

  3. I always wonder how these sorts of odd architectural hiccups happen.

  4. mitch, at least there are hand rails on both sides.

    judy, :)

    diane, the US also has much more in the way of safety and accessibility regulation. But access is not really an issue here since it's easy to go around and avoid the stair. Still...

    chris, as a city planner, I should be able to answer that...


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