Saturday, March 17, 2018

What a load of...

Well, I won't say it. It was nice of the town to designate a spot for Spot. Tahsa didn't need it this time.

Please poop outside the castle walls. Merci.

We did carry plastic bags around with us just in case. Especially at the gîte, since she did her business on the owners' grass. I had to be a good guest and pick up after her.


  1. That's very funny! No translation needed!

  2. Well, it's definitely clear. But it doesn't do much for the postcard opportunity... although it IS a Kodak Moment.

  3. Remarkable how times have changed. In the last twenty years it has become socially unacceptable here to not pick up after your dog, to the point where we no longer see such signs. I guess it is the same in the US and UK.

  4. I always used to have "dog poo" in my private personal list of the very few things I disliked about France, but have noticed that it seems to be much less of a nuisance than it was say ten years ago.
    Here in the UK I am sad to find things much worse. I took Hugo for a short lead walk around the block yesterday and saw numerous piles of dog poo on pavements outside people's homes in a very suburban area. There are plenty of dog waste bins but it seems that although the councils are making it as easy as possible for dog owners to be responsible, the owners don't give a s**t. Which more or less sums up the general attitude of so many people towards all sorts of things in Britain today. I find it depressing and unsettling to see what has happened in Britain in the last ten years or so, how rude, loud, ill mannered and selfish so many people have become.

    1. The main thing about dog poop is that if you step in it, you need to make sure it's with your left foot. That brings luck.

      Did you pick up Lulu's poop around Pilouzard? We almost never feel we need to pick up dog poop around here. Too few pedestrians.

    2. Lulu was very considerate in performing well away from where humans might wander so we rarely had to. Only if she was taken short on a footpath or in a park did we need to. As you say it all depends on whether it might be a juisance to other people.
      It remains to be seen how we get on with Hugo!

  5. Love this little castle. No dog poo makes the world a little better and those little baggies are so easy to use.


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