Thursday, March 29, 2018

Get oriented

Like most scenic overlooks that I've seen, the Puy Saint-Ambroise has what's called une table d'orientation, a kind of map of the landscape with compass directions and particular points of interest annotated. I'm not sure what these are called in English, but while Wikipedia says "orientation table" is common, the technical term is "toposcope." So I just learned a new word in my native language.

The table d'orientation and benches for contemplating the view. I think those mountains to the east are part of the Morvan range.

This is the toposcope on the Puy Saint-Ambroise. I didn't take a picture of the actual map, just the stone table. My excuse is that I was occupied keeping an eye on the dog while taking photos and it just slipped what's left of my mind.


  1. Toposcope sounds more French to me than English.

    1. As well as in English, many French scientific words include scope or scopy which means observation in Greek. What describes what some of my fellow Americans indulge in mostly, especially in the higher sphere of the government, is omphaloscopy, which means contemplation of one's navel!

  2. I would rather have the view anyway!

  3. I'd much rather look at the view (through YOUR lens) than at the map.

  4. This is just INCREDIBLE!!! I just cannot move my eyes!

    Please visit:

  5. chm, LOL!

    sillygirl, good thing!

    mitch, :)

    krishna, oh, I hope that's not permanent.


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