Sunday, April 01, 2018

I see you

Souvigny is not a big town, despite the impressive abbey and church. There are fewer than two thousand inhabitants -- still bigger than our town, but smaller than Saint-Aignan. As I've said, we didn't encounter many people on our brief walk around the center of town, but there were a good number of cars parked on the main square. Where were the people?

A very pretty front door in town.

We were there at around 16h00 on a weekday, so people were probably at work. Wherever they were, it was nice to be able to walk around with Tasha without worrying about her getting tangled around some stranger's legs. We did encounter some stone people, like the guy peering out at us from behind bars in the photo. Art or whimsy?


  1. I love that stoney stare and it makes me think I’d like the people who live there.

    1. Oh, duh, I was peering intently at the open curtain, trying to see how you could see the expression on the face of whoever was staring out the window LOL.

  2. Happy April Fool's Easter to you and Ken!

  3. Maybe your stone starer was someone who got too close to Menulph's sarcophagus, as Ken described.
    It looks like an interesting house.

  4. mitch, I'll bet stone soup is their specialty.

    judy, I should have given you a hint!

    evelyn, thanks!

    emm, hahaha!

    michael, exactly!


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