Saturday, April 07, 2018

Enough already

There are only so many doors and windows in Souvigny. But I'm not out of photos of them, yet. So you get one more today before we move on.

Number 14.

It's spitting rain this morning, but it's relatively warm outside. On Friday afternoon I pulled out the power washer and cleaned the deck. Then I brought the table and chairs up from the garage for the season. I also enjoyed some time sitting outside while the temperature hit 21.4°C (just over 70°F).

Today we're going to a local winery that's hosting its annual open house with winemakers invited from other regions around France. It's fun to taste other wines, and I like to buy Chablis from one of the wineries that participates every year. Chablis is made from chardonnay grown on the hillsides around the town of Chablis in northern Burgundy. Our region doesn't grown much chardonnay (and then it's usually used to blend into sparkling wine), so it's nice to get some at the open house. We can certainly get Chablis in the supermarket, but it's more fun to buy directly from the winemaker.


  1. I haven’t tired of your doors and windows shots. All works of art. I packed away all my scarves today. I have a lot. I’m now sitting having coffee looking at the rain and gray... and freezing!

  2. 21 is such a nice temperature. Our indoor thermometer has not dropped below 20 for many months, but it will soon, down to 15.5 on the coldest indoors without heating, while it might be daytime 10 outside. All about building thermal mass.


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