Friday, April 13, 2018


Here are just a few more images of the moulin à vent (windmill) of Beaujolais fame. To enter the windmill in winter is the impossible dream.

During the summer months, the windmill is open to visitors. I wonder if it ever operates?

A door at ground level with a note to tourists.

Two of these curved stairs climb up to a second door above the first.

And finally, a long shot of the whole building.


  1. I've only seen these from a distance. So beautiful close up... And, of course, your photos!

  2. Great images -- who knew a windmill could be so cool?

  3. I'd always thought of windmills as having solid, or covered, blades, so the wind would whirl them around faster. But this has open, ladder-like blades. I wonder why the design that way?

  4. cd, thank you!

    mitch, :)

    judy, the Shadow knew... ;)

    emm, I think that the blades are covered with canvas (or some other material) when they want them to turn, otherwise, they remove the covers to keep them from turning.


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