Monday, April 09, 2018

We interrupt this program... bring you tulips! I'll get back to Beaujolais tomorrow, but I wanted to get in a photo of the new tulips blooming out back. You might remember that last fall I dug out some overgrown lavender plants in a triangular bed along our walkway. I amended the soil, and then planted bulbs. I had some miniature daffodils in a pot, so I divided those into three parts and planted them. Then, I had some perennial Rozanne geraniums, also in pots, that needed more space, so into the ground they went. Finally, I got some tulip bulbs from the garden center and added those.

First year tulips. Some of the newly sprouting geraniums are visible on the left next to the brown bamboo stakes.

The daffodil bulbs did great and, even though they got snowed on, they bloomed through March. Now it's the tulips' turn. This is their first year, so I'm hoping they'll do even better in the years to come. The geraniums are sprouting now and should take over the plot as the tulips die back. They produce nice blue flowers that last into the fall. They didn't really thrive in pots; probably too confining. So I'm hoping that they will enjoy being in the ground.

This is the spot last October, after I had dug out the lavender and amended the soil, but before I planted the bulbs.

Finally, there are three amaryllis bulbs in the mix. They were also in pots but are now in the ground. There is some green just now poking up from those bulbs, so maybe later in the spring we will see some flowers. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Spring! I miss tulips in the garden.

  2. Tulips already! Wonderful! Our daffodils are still in blossom, and weathered the snow and temps in the 20s F, but the tulips haven't opened yet.

  3. Tulips are so cheerful. Ours are about gone. I'm curious about those blue geraniums. I don't think I've seen such around here.

  4. mitch, do they plant any tulips in the public places in Fuengirola?

    judy, our daffs were early (and under snow a several points), and now it's the tulips' turn.

    evelyn, I'm sure I have a photo around here, somewhere...

  5. I don't remember seeing tulips planted here in town even as decorative annuals. They're sold at the flower stalls. We had so many in Connecticut.


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