Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Such a deal!

Here's a fixer-upper for sale in central Souvigny. The out-buildings certainly look like they could use a little updating. The main house is pretty austere seen from the street (part of it is visible on the right side of the photo), and I can only wonder what it's like inside.

Centrally located. Needs work.

I found the property listing on the real estate agency's web site. There's one exterior photo, nothing from inside. Here's all it says about the property: "ensemble immobilier 320 m² au sol à restaurer - pas de chauf. - toiture neuve - terrain 970 m²." That translates as "building footprint 320 square meters (about 3,400 square feet, not including upper floors) needing restoration - no heat - new roof - lot size 970 square meters (about a quarter acre)." It can be yours for a paltry €159,900 (about US$196,000).


  1. And yet, I immediately imagine what we could do with the place! So much potential.

  2. mitch, you would be able to make into a showplace!

    judy, I know, right? I think that explains the firewood in the shed on the left.


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