Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

Our first stop in Beaujolais was the town of Régnié-Durette. We didn't find a roadside picnic spot between Beaujeu and Régnié, so we decided to go to a wine cave in town before things closed for lunch. Ken went in and tasted while Tasha and I explored the town's main square. We walked around the church to see the view and found a single picnic table just beyond the apse.

Tasha contemplates the view out over the vineyards of Beaujolais.

We made our way back to meet Ken as he was coming out of his tasting with six bottles of Régnié Beaujolais. We put that in the trunk, retrieved our little cooler and picnic supplies, and made our way back to the picnic table for lunch. I attached Tasha's leash to the table.

We had our picnic in the shadow of Régnié's church, Saint-Jean-Apôtre, built in 1867.

Ken had made turkey salad sandwiches that we enjoyed with some tortilla chips and a bottle of the local wine. The sun was out and we the view was great, but there was a brisk chilly wind and it wasn't comfortable to sit for too long. Still, our mission was accomplished and we got back to the car and planned where to go next.

I'll bet that this door leads to the crypt below the main floor of the church.

The map showed a route that made its way north through several of the Beaujolais villages, so we headed in that direction.


  1. A beautiful building and view. I love that knobby tree. And the color of it all.

  2. Wonder if that's a clothesline attached to the tree. Nice breezy spot for drying no doubt.

  3. I love finding picnic spots like this one! Wow, it's really nice.

  4. mitch, it was a nice setting, and chilly enough that we had no competition for the single picnic table.

    judy, yup!

    sheila, yes, it is. There were some clothes on it when we arrived, and while we were eating, a woman came by to take them down. She smiled and wished us "bon appétit !"

    evelyn, it couldn't have worked out better!

  5. nice pix of the countryside and ken and Tasha!


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