Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pain in the grass

All the rain of the past months has not just made the ground soggy, but has also made the grass (and weeds) grow quickly. It's been too wet to get the lawnmower out, so the grass continues to get tall. I may get my chance this week, though. The weather people are predicting a dry and warm spell, at least for a few days. I hope they're right.

This is one of the sections of the yard with more grass than weeds and wildflowers. It'll be tough to cut.

I'm going to have to get out there before the grass gets any taller. In places, it's already a foot tall. That's going to be difficult for the mower, but not impossible. I'm thinking that today I will get out there and pick up the fallen branches so that the yard is ready for cutting. I also want to change the oil in the mower before I use it.

Another section of tall grass.

Ken is itching to get out into the vegetable garden plots to till, so I will change the oil in the tiller as well. If the ground dries out this week, he'll have a small window for tilling before the next rain system moves through. We're keeping our fingers crossed!


  1. I've had the lawn mower serviced and bought fuel for it, but I bet I don't get time to mow this week.

  2. The finished product will be something to look forward to but, oh, what a job!

  3. I love that lone Muscari in the middle of nowhere!

  4. All the same it looks so lush and green and full of life.

  5. susan, it's frustrating when the weather cooperates but your schedule doesn't!

    mitch, the first cut is always the hardest. ;)

    chm, me too! They pop up here and there every year.

    judy, the door is on the church in Souvigny.

    michael, that it is!


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