Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lion's tooth

The common dandelion gets its English name from the French term dent-de-lion. Apparently the leaves resemble the shape of a lion's tooth. Another French name for the weed plant is pissenlit (piss in bed), a fifteenth century term that refers to the plant's use as a diuretic.

A dandy lion holds on to a few seeds for just a little longer.

Whatever you call them, they're in full bloom all around us now. Many, like this one, have already lost their feathery seeds to the wind. I remember dandelions as summer lawn pests back in the US, but around here they're out in great numbers by early spring.


  1. I'm glad they're in great numbers there. They're important for bee populations. And to think we were always encouraged to "weed" them or poison them. I'm surprised Pissinbed didn't catch on (no, I'm not).

  2. That's true, isn't it .... summer here (in the U.S.), for dandelions, not spring. Interesting!

  3. "Pissenlit" has altogether different connotations in the Trump era.

  4. That is one amazing photo.

  5. My dad always let them grow in our yard because he thought they were pretty. I like seeing them also.

  6. Funny, how similar words can have completely different meanings in another language. ;) This is what we call pissenlit/pissinbed: Here it's called pissebed. And dent-de-lion/dandelion is called horse flower in Dutch. :))

    Enjoy your stay in Paris, Walt, hope the weather will be good for you!

  7. As Mitchell said, they're good for the bees. An important food source. Think of them as making your food possible.
    Another of your amazingly good pictures, wow.

  8. mitch, they don't bother me in the yard. I just mow 'em down.

    judy, I'm glad you said that, because I wasn't sure I was remembering correctly!

    kiwi, what chm said! ;)

    sheila, thank you!

    evelyn, a "perfect" lawn is too much work. Ours is mostly weeds! :)

    elgee, interesting!

    emm, I agree about the dandelions. And thanks!


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