Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring green

The back yard always looks so nice when the new leaves come out and the grass is vibrant green. In summer, the grass can get brown if it's hot and dry. I don't like to water it, so that's the way it is. But this time of year it's almost lush.

The "West 40" looking toward the northwest. The low hedge on the right is hazelnuts.

In the back corner you can see the red leaves of the plum tree that Ken planted some years ago. The big apple tree on the left is not long for this world. It's full of mistletoe (a parasite), it's lost several big branches in recent years, and the main trunk is splitting down the middle. The other two apple trees on the right were pruned back two years ago and are looking pretty good. In the foreground is a row of sage plants and our artichokes. The little green mounds by the garden plot are oregano, which I'll be able to harvest and dry in the next week or so.

Ken is doing a great job tilling up the vegetable garden plot. It will be ready to receive the greenhouse seedlings in mid-May. I've already planted seeds in the garden for climbing beans and snow peas. Those should sprout in the next few days.


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