Monday, April 02, 2018

Stoned soul picnic

I spied this stoned soul in a niche between buildings in Souvigny. She didn't say much. She looked kind of forlorn. Perhaps her marriage was on the rocks. Rim shot.

I didn't find anything nearby to identify the art or the artist.

We're expecting very mild weather this week, but mostly overcast with some rain here and there. I'm hoping to get outdoors and work on some spring chores. There are downed branches to be picked up, and I want to get some vegetable seeds planted in the greenhouse. But first the greenhouse needs to be tidied up. We can't clean up or till up the garden beds until things dry out a little more. But it's just about time to power-wash the deck and get it ready for better weather.


  1. You and Ken are a riot today :)
    Porch time!

  2. I LOVE that stone soul. Can't tell what it's going to do here today.

  3. She's sad, but I kind of lichen her.

  4. Just left a similar comment on Ken's blog...I was feeling a bit nostalgic about the blogging days and tried to think of someone who would likely still be blogging. You guys are amazing! I might point out we started blogging at almost exactly the same time (late 2005.) You both stuck with it; I'm afraid I didn't. Bravo!

  5. judy, for you or for me? :)

    mitch, we had a mixed bag, dark and wet in the morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon.

    evelyn, like it's carved from stone or something! ;)

    chris, LOL!

    betty, we still see you from time to time on facebook. Good to hear from you!


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