Friday, April 20, 2018

Babe in the woods

Tasha's just over a year old now, but she still exhibits certain puppy behaviors. Some are cute, some are annoying. We don't do any rigorous training with the dog, but there are still things she needs to learn and we work on them using praise and correction. A good growl or bark from one us will stop Tasha and put her in a down-stay. Temporarily.

Tasha on one of her favorite paths through the woods.

She still likes to nip at my heels, especially in the morning. I have to be more aggressive about stopping that. She's learned to be pretty good on our off-leash walks, although I need to reinforce the stop, come, and stay commands. She really wants to follow vehicles on the dirt road and that's not good. Overall, though, things are going well. We'll continue to work on our commands and play skills through the summer months.


  1. "A good growl or bark from one of us" --- best line of the day!

  2. It sounds as if she's herding you. "Move along there, step lively, time for me to go out."


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