Thursday, April 05, 2018

The little paper

This sign caught my eye in Souvigny. It says, "The most informed, The Little Newspaper, 6 pages." I don't know what the sign has to do with the building, which is marked with a small plaque that reads Fondation Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation). I don't find anything online about the paper itself. "Le Petit Journal" was a famous Parisian newspaper around the turn of the century (1900, that is), but it has been out of circulation since 1944.

I didn't stop to read the little sign under the larger one. It may have had some information about the house.

We set out on this little four-day trip one month ago, on March 5, and I'm still posting the photos. After a couple more from Souvigny, I'll get to our little excursion into a well-known and nearby (but not that close) wine region.


  1. It is surprizing that after so many years the sign for Le Petit Journal is in such good condition. May be it gets some TLC from the Heritage Foundation?

  2. The sign looks new. How strange. Charming house. I would want you p pain and replace the roof... and then it would lose so much if it’s charm.

  3. I like the shape of this building, and the harmonious placement of similar shapes. Very nice :)

  4. chm, your guess is as good as mine!

    mitch, often when roofs get rebuilt they put the same tiles back on, so you can't tell from the outside if the roof is new or not.

    judy, there is something visually pleasing about it.

    1. There's a restaurant in nearby Montluçon called Bistrot "Le Petit Journal" — I wonder if there was a newspaper published there called Le Petit Journal in the not so distant past?


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