Monday, April 30, 2018


I think I mentioned that I'm trying to grow radishes in containers this year. I've had success growing them directly in the ground in years past. The problem with that is that snails and slugs like to munch on the part of the radish that rises above the soil, making them much less appetizing at the table. I'm hoping that by growing them in containers inside the greenhouse, I can avoid that. The snails and slugs won't starve.

Newly sprouted radishes in planter boxes.

On Thursday, I also planted some hot pepper varieties. We got a nice little crop in the greenhouse last year, so I'm hopeful we'll be able to repeat that this year.


  1. Oh, I love fresh radishes. And, no, the snails and slugs definitely won't starve.

  2. Good idea! Radishes are delish.

  3. How did growing radishes in the containers work out? Une bonne récolte?

    1. dean, I just found this comment awaiting moderation. Sorry! The radishes turned out not so great. They need deeper soil to grow fat, so I got skinny radishes. Oh well, I learned something!


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