Tuesday, January 29, 2019

From the archives

When I posted those old California camping photos, I mentioned that we pulled a trailer across the country the month before we moved to France in 2003. I remembered that there was a photo of the trailer somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Until now.

We hauled a bunch of stuff to Ken's mom's place in Carolina.
I think it was late April or early May. We drove down to southern California to see our friend CHM, then on through Arizona and New Mexico, where this photo was taken. From there we continued east until Oklahoma where we turned north a little and headed to central Illinois to see friends there. After that, we pointed the car toward North Carolina, drove through some scary tornado weather, crossed the Smoky Mountains, and continued to the coast.

We stayed in coastal NC for about a month before I sold the car. We rented another car and drove up to Washington, DC, where we (Ken and me and our dog Collette) boarded our flight to Paris.


  1. What a perfectly balanced photo. The New Mexico terrain is interesting, to say the least.

  2. And brought back to me a big jade plant a cutting of which I eventually brought back from California to France and is now thriving in your greenhouse in Mareuil, France!

  3. Walt posted about Oklahoma City, do you remember where you stayed?

  4. Did you ship some furniture and household things when you moved, or does that little trailer represent your worldly goods at that point?

  5. andrew, it was very beautiful.

    chm, true!

    judy, a very big deal! We passed through St. Louis, too. If only we had known you were there!

    mitch, I'll bet!

    bill, we only drove through Oklahoma City, we stayed in Joplin, MO.

    emm, yes, we shipped a half-size shipping container of furniture and other stuff from San Francisco to France. It went by boat to LA, Panama, Eastern US ports, to Rotterdam NL, and finally to Le Havre where it was put on a truck and delivered to our house in central France.


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