Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

One month from today, Tasha will be two years old. She's a wonderful dog, but I may be a little biased. It's fun to watch her learning words and commands and generally growing up. It's hard to explain, but it's real. If you've had a dog, you will most likely understand what I mean.

Tasha dropped the stick on the ground in front of her feet the moment I pointed the camera at her.

Tasha has learned that it's fun to find a stick, most often a piece of grape vine, and carry it around for a while. You might remember that Callie, our border collie, used to bring grape trunks home from her walks. Tasha is too small for that, but she does like to carry a small stick around for a while.

I did manage to get a motion shot of her with the stick in her mouth.

When she's not carrying a stick, she's jumping up on me and trying to get me to play. When it's muddy outside, she gets my jeans all wet and dirty. But I don't really care. It's all in a day's fun.

What a pretty puppy!


  1. She is a nice looking dog, for sure. A lesson we soon taught our dogs was to not jump up on people unless it was us and we were playing.

  2. She is a beauty and I'm so glad you went ahead and found her to be in your family. Love hearing about how she is growing. I feel like she is a small part of my life.

  3. She's gorgeous. Reminds me of a border collie.

  4. Tasha CANNOT be 2 already! time flies; happy birthday, princess Tasha!

  5. There is nothing like a dog. Absolutely nothing. She is quite the cutie. Years ago I had a Shetland Sheepdog and he was the greatest dog.

  6. She really is a beautiful dog and has a lot of personality, I think....I miss my little Bo.

  7. andrew, that's a hard lesson to teach since dogs think everything is about playing, but an important one.

    judy, :)

    sillygirl, it's hard to imagine not having her around!

    diane, I think collies and shetlands are all related, although our border collie, Callie, was so very much bigger than Tasha.

    anne marie, I know!

    michael, Tasha had a brother, but at the time we adopted her, we also had the border collie at home. It was tempting to think about adopting both puppies, but then I thought again. ;)

    thickethouse, it's hard to say goodbye to them when the time comes.


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