Sunday, January 20, 2019

Winter weather, sort of

On Saturday morning, the temperature dropped just below freezing. That was enough for heavy frost and icy windows, and to make the dirt road out through the vineyard slippery. But we got no snow, just a little rain. I had to be very careful walking the dog. I managed to stay upright, but Tasha slipped on the slick ground and went down. No harm done.

A tall stand of pines at the edge of the vineyard just before sunrise.

This morning it's raining again, with our morning low well above zero. January and February are normally the coldest of the winter months around here and we frequently have a minor snow event or two during that time. So far, things have stayed relatively warm with no sign of snow. Our neighbors would say that we need a few good freezes to kill off the pests. We will see what February brings.


  1. I wonder if that is so viz. freezes kill off pests.

  2. michael, yes, I think so. Insects as well as some plants.

  3. It’s been a. I’ll winter here, too we’re currently complaining about 8C overnight.


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