Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Croquembouche et fines bulles

Here's an interesting bit of French culture. The traditional wedding "cake" in France is tower of puff pastries filled with pastry cream, "glued" together with sticky caramel. Often there is a layer or two of nougatine (caramel nut brittle) inside and/or as an ornament on top. The pièce montée is frequently called un croquembouche (it crunches in your mouth).

The croquembouche pièce montée just before serving.

So, for Sunday's 40th wedding anniversary celebration, our neighbors treated everyone to a beautiful croquembouche. There was also a shorter, wider tower and a tray of additional puff pastries served to ensure that there was enough for the 85 or so guests in attendance.

The Champagne is served!

And, just to make it a real celebration, bubbly wine was offered to all. It was a very tasty Beurton Couvreur Champagne from just south of Reims. In the interest of full disclosure: I've never met a bubbly wine I didn't like.


  1. Eighty five guests! Wow! I doubt you nor I could rustle that number for an anniversary party.

  2. I never knew where croquembouche came from. What an amazing tradition. I think I want one for my birthday. I wonder if that's permitted. The one on display is stunning!

  3. I'm a bubbly fan, too. Even the "bad" ones I can use in something.

  4. And, a little boy counting the French way (thumb first)--a very nice French display here!

  5. Oh boy, I love seeing this post. What a nice peak into French life. The freshly picked flowers, champagne and tower are so festive!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out to me, Evelyn! I was just 'enjoying' the party without realizing how neat it is to have this photo and for you, Walt, to share it with us!

  6. Looks and sounds delicious, but I bet it's very sticky to eat.

  7. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, looks tastee! both the cake AND the bubbly!

  8. I have never heard of such a thing - splendid !
    I too lovely a bit of the 'boy' as the Brits call bubbly. Pol Roger is my favorite.

  9. andrew, it's a big extended family. B & M have 7 children, each married, with numerous children and grandchildren of their own.

    mitch, you would probably have to fill out some forms and wait for a committee decision. ;)

    sillygirl, that's right.

    judy, I didn't even notice that!

    evelyn, the flowers come from their garden. I watched them get picked from my kitchen window.

    mary, :)

    diane, the caramel hardened, so it was more crunchy than sticky.

    anne marie, oh, it was!

    michael, I've not heard that term. I have heard it called "fizz" by some of the Brits who live here.

  10. That all sounds delish. I was reading the other day about blanquette de Limoux, which I've tried and liked a lot. Better than champagne sometimes.


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