Sunday, May 29, 2022

Out with the old

Looking back toward our hamlet from the vineyard, you can clearly see the parcel that was torn up this spring. The vine trunks are piled in neat rows and the ground between them has been plowed a few times. The vine trunks may be grouped together at some point and burned, probably in the fall or winter. After a year or two of lying fallow, the ground will be plowed again and re-planted with new grape vines. I look forward to that.

Friday morning was chilly and overcast.

I'm hardening off our tomato seedlings by putting them outside during the day and bringing them back into the greenhouse in the evening. I hope to plant them out in the next few days. Our nights have been cold recently, and the weather gurus are predicting a morning low of 5ºC (41ºF) on Monday. After that, things should warm up a little. The tomatoes are anxious to get out into the ground. Yes, I can tell. They're getting a little too big for their pots.


  1. I enjoy seeing the life cycles of the vineyards. 5˚C? Argh!

  2. Good luck with the tomatoes, Walt!

  3. It's Jan from Perth...

  4. I am mad-jealous of the tomatoes. My two potted ones are puny things that produced toms no bigger than marbles. Now it is too hot for flowers and fruit.

  5. mitch, it only got down to about 9º. Only.

    jan, thanks! I think we're going to need it.

    judy, the heat came on again this morning. Ugh.

    michael, we could use a little of that heat. But they're predicting a warm up this week. Phew!


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