Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pizza day

Saturday was pizza day. We had some leftover grilled eggplant to use up, so we added some tomato sauce, roasted chicken tenders, bell peppers, black olives, and a southern Italian cheese called Caciocavallo des Pouilles, also in need of finishing up. The crust was my standard home-made pizza dough.

We each ate one of these, a delicious and satisfying Saturday lunch.

It's supposed to be another warm/hot day, but storms are predicted for the evening hours and a cool-down is expected to follow. Maybe next week we can get the vegetable seedlings in the ground.


  1. I just finished my breakfast of left-over pizza, from SG’s dinner out last night (I had a salad). Organic. Whole wheat crust, wild mushrooms, mozarella fior de latte, truffle paste, and egg yolk.

  2. L’Art d’accommoder les restes!

  3. Do you every eat these with relish?

  4. mitch, oh, that sounds tasty!

    evelyn, not bad... ;)

    judy, yup!

    chm, il n'y a pas de petites économies...


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