Friday, May 04, 2012

We're on our way

By the time you read this, Ken and I will be on our way to the USA. This is truly a multi-modal trip. We start out with a short car ride to our local train station where we catch an early morning local train to Tours, about forty-five minutes from here. Then we change to the high-speed TGV train directly to the airport north of Paris.

The wisteria on the western wall of our house is blooming right now.

We built in a rather large time buffer in Paris, so if there are no schedule problems we'll be able to enjoy a leisurely lunch at the airport before boarding our afternoon flight to the Northeast. We'll be in Albany, NY, for the bulk of the trip. We're spending the middle weekend in Montréal and Vermont.

We both hope to be connected to the internet for most of the trip, so we'll have access to email and hope to continue blogging while there. I may be a little slow in responding to comments, but you will understand.

A good friend of ours has agreed to stay at our house while we're gone and take care of Callie and Bertie. We're very lucky to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the house will be occupied and the animals will be at home while we're gone.


  1. I hope you have a spiffing time !!
    Enjoy your travels !!

  2. I hope you have better weather than we have here!

  3. Lucky you guys, and lucky friend! :)) Vermont, too!? And, Montréal! Oh, this is fun. I can't wait to follow the trip!

  4. the hardest part about organizing a trip when u both want to go somewhere together is making plans for the husband & I usually switch off (ie, he stays home with the pets & I go to Paris) ..the cost of boarding is so high (used to be higher than a plane ticket, but now I'm not so sure) and now that we have only cats (3) u really cant board them too easily for days on yall r very lucky to be able to leave the pets in their own home....have a great trip

  5. Here we are at CDG airport, getting ready to board the plane. Hope it's a smooth flight. Ken

  6. So envious of you anyway! But even more now: Tours, a high-speed train, Paris and Montreal? Wow, what a wonderful time that would be! :) Be safe.

  7. Bon voyage and happy web browsing whilst you wait to board :-)

  8. Sue and I will follow your travels. We just arrived in Paris after 35 hours of travel from Melbourne so we will empathise with you.
    Just about to post our first day in Paris soon.

  9. Have a wonderful time. I love Montreal. Don't miss the awesome French bistro there called L'Express. Tartare and frites, mmmm.

    You are so lucky to have someone stay in your house to care for Callie and Bertie. That is why we don't travel anymore...we have a 17 year old kitty with health issues.

  10. Wish you a peaceful flight and have fun in Montreal. Not much happening right now but I think the Cirque du Soleil have a show right now at the Old Port!


  11. So glad someone is at your house to enjoy the wisteria. I can't believe you would schedule a trip away while that's blooming!

  12. Walt,

    Bill and I are getting ready for our annual trip south. Wish we had someone we could trust to watch our house.



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