Monday, May 14, 2012

Salut Montréal !

We left Montréal yesterday under rainy skies, but while we were there we enjoyed terrific sunshine and the warmth of the city. The place has changed considerably since I was last here nearly twenty-five years ago. We landed (quite unintentionally) in a great neighborhood very close to many amazing attractions, not the least of which is the rue Saint-Denis, a bustling street filled with night spots and restaurants.

A view of springtime in downtown Montréal from the heights. Click to Québec-enate.

Since the weather was so good, the streets of the city were bursting with people enjoying the sunshine. Everybody was in a good mood and the cafés were full. We ventured out of the downtown into some of the eastern neighborhoods and found beautiful architecture (many churches) and a fantastic market filled with amazing produce and other delicious-looking stuff. I'll post more about all of that later.

We spent last night near Burlington, Vermont, and today we'll be making our way back to Albany.


  1. I am really enjoying reading all about the trip - the photos are's a part of the world that I am most unlikely to ever visit in person so it's great to see it in pictures.

  2. Beautiful view. I think I walked my cousin's dog up there in 1966. Sure looks different! (And I loved the city even in 1966.)

  3. I've got photos [somewhere] of myself and 3 University friends on the heights overlooking Montreal in '79. Very different now :-) We loved our brief visit: we'd come up from Torornto where we staying with my parents for a couple of weeks during the summer vacation.

    Enjoy your second week. Antoinette

  4. jean, I'm glad. But prepare yourself... there will be many more photos to come!

    mitch, 1996, wow! You were just a little tyke!

    n&a, Toronto is a place I've never been. One of these days!

  5. We once considered living in Montreal, but there's no way we (me) could cope with the cold.


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