Sunday, May 06, 2012

Jet lagging

It's funny. Yesterday, the day we arrived in the US, we stayed up until midnight talking and laughing and eating. Today, it's not yet nine pm and I'm fading fast. We had a great time with our friend Bob today. We drove up into New Hampshire and as far as southern Maine, where we had a nice seafood dinner.

A shop window in Rockport, Massachusetts.

I had fried calamari and a lobster roll. Yummy. On the way back to the Boston suburbs, Bob drove us through a neighboring town where my family lived when I was about ten or eleven years old. I remembered the name of the road we lived on and a landmark or two, and with very little effort we found the house.

We leave tomorrow to drive west through the Berkshires to the Hudson Valley and Albany. The weather is supposed to be nice and I'm looking forward to the drive.


  1. Congratulations on even posting!! Have a nice time.

  2. Oh, my, these are all favorite spots of mine! So, did you guys fly right into Boston?

  3. Great photo! You even were able to localize it with the writing on the cartons inside the shop, the very typical New England architecture of the building and of course Old Glory! Or is it a reflection?
    Well done.

    Mary in Oregon

  4. I haven't been to Boston, or New England for that matter, in many, many years.

  5. Walt

    François Hollande is the new Monsieur Le Président de France ....

  6. It must be wierd, being on home territory, both of you at the same time. You're obviously exhausted, but it's amazing how one can keep going when there is fun to be had and friends to see.

  7. The pic is amazing! I have never had a lobster roll, but LOVE lobster. We eat a lot of crawfish (baby lobsters I call them) in Louisiana so I sort of settle for that...

  8. Walt,

    If your travels take you to the eastern shore of the Delmarva peninsula you're welcome to stay with us for a visit.



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