Thursday, May 10, 2012

Changing gears

Ok, we've been in Albany since Sunday afternoon, so I think I'll stop posting pictures of Massachusetts for the time being and switch to pictures of Albany. There are a few more photos from MA and NH that I'll put up when we get back home in a couple of weeks.

The relatively new Albany Family Court building, and an old smoke stack rising up behind.

On Monday, we had some errands to run downtown and walked around a little in the beautiful weather taking pictures before meeting our friend Lorraine for lunch. This is the dome on the Albany Family Court building. The weather vane on top is a depiction of the Half Moon (I think), the ship that Henry Hudson sailed up the river that bears his name. Over four hundred years ago.


  1. Hey-- you guys could pick up copies of Amy's books while you're in the States! DIE FOR ME is out in paperback now, and UNTIL I DIE was just released 2 days ago. Find a Barnes & Noble!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Judy. I already have a copy of Die for You that I got from We walked by a Barnes & Noble store yesterday, so I know where to go.

  3. I love walking tours of cities. I'll bet there have been a lot of changes since you were last there. Thanks for the information about the Half Moon. New info for me!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. That's a wonderful picture, and I like the use of the "Half Moon" as a weathervane.

  5. judy, yeah, it's pretty cool!

    mary, yes, some changes, but I was here about two and a half years ago, so there's nothing too dramatic.

    emm, thanks!


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