Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailing on Lake Champlain

I wish I could say I was on that boat, but I only watched it from the Vermont shore. This view is toward the west, looking at New York State and the Adirondack Mountains. The lake is the border between northern New York and Vermont. While it wasn't a brilliant sunny day, there were gaps in the clouds that allowed a little of the sun to come through.

The sailboat glided slowly over the nearly glassy surface of the lake.

The weather back is Albany is also overcast now. We're hoping for a little sun starting today through the end of the week, if the forecast holds. While here in Delmar, I've been taking morning walks to get some exercise in an attempt to counter all the food we've been eating. The rhododendrons have just bloomed all over the neighborhood and they're beautiful.


  1. I love Lake Champlain! I'm a Vermont fan :))

  2. It's chilly here in Alabama, but due to be in the 80s later on today. Guess our normal weather is coming back.
    Our hydrangeas are in full bloom now and also the gardenias. Enjoy the rhododendrons and some sunshine for the rest of your trip.

    Hollande has been busy while you've been on vacation;)

  3. Have you done your trial pack? Here is a suggestion for taking freezable perishables. We place food in dry ice overnight, pack in cheap thermal totes and carry them on. Food will stay hard frozen for more than 20 hours. We have taken to Switzerland with no problem (either from customs or temperature) shrimp, okra and spare ribs. The only requirement in Switzerrland is that it be commercially packed. If you had thought of taking perishables, hope this helped.

  4. It's still way too cold for that kind of activity up there.

  5. I haven't seen that view in years. The photo is perfect. Who needs bright sunshine?!?

  6. judy, it's a great place!

    evelyn, spring is doing its thing! We've been watching a little of the news of Hollande's activities.

    iceship, thanks, but I don't think we'll be taking any perishables back this time. :)

    starman, I suppose it's never too cold for sailing enthusiasts!

    mitch, well, a little is nice. ;)

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