Monday, May 21, 2012

Jet lag in reverse

I'm getting a late start this morning. We traveled for about 26 hours all told. The flight was good, even though it was a little bumpy during the dinner service. It smoothed out and I actually slept for a few hours. We arrived early in Paris and our bags were among the first to show up on the belt.

This was the view from my window seat as we pushed back from the gate at Logan Airport in Boston.

We planned plenty of time between landing and our train home, so we had a lot of time to kill in the airport. When the restaurants opened, Ken and I had a nice steak for lunch. The train rides were quick and we arrived home on schedule. As we got off the train, rain was pouring down buckets.

It was great to see home again. Callie and Bertie are in great shape and we're very appreciative for our friend S. who stayed here with them.

Now we need to readjust to France time. We both slept for about ten hours overnight, which is good.


  1. Welcome home!
    Shame about the weather, but it's going to pick up later in the week I think.

  2. Jean, I hope you're right. We could use some sunshine.
    I hope you guys are able to get out for a long walk with Callie today; it'll help with the jetlag. And maybe you'll give your potager an inspection.
    I picked my first lettuce leaves this morning. The romaine lettuce is not full yet, but I picked a leaf from a few of plants, enough to make a small salad for two. It was just too tempting. The tomato plants have flowers, so that's promising -- can't wait for August! The raspberries are going to be late this year, I think. You can just barely see the fruit, still very small and green. I hope the rain will make for big juicy fruit. The red plum tree has a ton of tiny fruit on it and the greengage plum tree has very little, in spite of all the bee activity in it when it was blossoming.
    That's all from Nogent. Cold, cloudy, and wet, yet again.
    As I said to Ken, if I'd known about the long layover, I'd've picked you up and brought you back here.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you made it safe and sound. Now, enjoy your extended...French honeymoon.

  4. Great! And, I see that you updated the wording in your blog bio blurb :)))

  5. Welcome home to the oldlyweds... with a marriage certificate to prove it now. I love your new profile photo, by the way. Hope the jetlag passes quickly.

  6. Welcome home. I just did this crossing in Atlantic travel in reverse and it took me three days to get readjusted to the time change. But I think it is easier going to Europe. What a wonderful journey you and Ken had this time!

  7. Bonjour !
    Comment rentrez-vous chez vous, une fois arrivés à la gare ?
    Bises de Mary curieuse :-) !!!

  8. I, too, like your new title picture. I've never been to Château de Chambord, even though we meant to go several times.

  9. Your grass is rice? How appropriate for a post-wedding surprise! I love your weekly image. I know what it is supposed to mean, but it makes me want to see if there's boiling water underneath into which to throw a lobster to cook. It would go well with the rice!

  10. jean, thanks! I sure hope so. My grass needs cutting!

    ellen, our romaine is doing well, too. It would have been nice to see you. It never occurred to us!

    mark, if it's as long as the engagement...

    judy, you don't miss a thing! ;)

    mitch, thanks! I'm sleeping well, and through the night, so I think it'll be ok.

    kristi, I think you're right.

    mary07, nous avons pris le TGV vers St.-Pierre-des-Corps, et puis un TER jusqu'à St.-Aignan.

    starman, it's worth a look, even just to walk around outside.

    cheryl, hehehe. "Lobstahs" are everywhere on the New England coast.

  11. Welome back home but you've just reminded us of the long flight ahead of us in 10 days time.

  12. Marie, notre amie Starr, qui a gardé la maison, le chien, et le chat pendant notre absence, est venue nous chercher à la petite gare de Saint-Aignan-Noyers à notre arrivée dimanche soir. Starr est gentille.

  13. Merci pour ces explications !

    Je ne pense pas connaître Star ou l'ai-je aperçue avec un ami à elle sur la place de Saint-Aignan où nous avions acheté des pizzas, Ken ?




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