Monday, May 07, 2012

Sit down and have some lobster

We didn't eat here, even though the sign asked us to. But we were tempted. Lobster and other seafood are the specialties of these New England seaport towns. That, and art galleries and souvenir shops. The setting is beautiful.

The signs say it all.

We left Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon right after learning that François Hollande was elected president of France. I think that's very cool and am looking forward to how his government will unfold. It will be a very interesting month as the transition happens. Then, in June, the parliamentary elections will happen and we'll see if the Socialists can take the majority there. If not, they'll have to try to cooperate with a hostile assembly. Stay tuned.


  1. We were also contemplating the lobster here in cloudless free Marseille.
    Will enjoy travelling thru New England with you guys by the blog.
    Lots of election celebrating in the streets here in France last night.

  2. I say your photo first and thought, "Wow, I can finally read French!".
    Fred was glued to the t.v. yesterday watching the election results. I can never tell if Fred is happy or not about the elections but I think France could use a change too. m.
    p.s. We joked that Sarkozy's wife will leave him for Hollande now.

  3. Good one, Mark. But I don't think Hollande likes to marry.

  4. One of my French friends remarked, about Carla Bruni, "Damn, now Carl will have to go back to singing." heh heh :))

    Vive the lobster roll! (and the clams and all that!)

  5. Next time plan an extra hour and we'll have a drink or two!

  6. I wonder how long the Sarkozys will stay together - there's been a lot of gossip

  7. Are we supposed to guess on Image of the Week? I'd say it's part of Nelson's edifice complex in Albany, yes?

  8. Walt-- do you still pinch and prune your tomato plants? or are you one of the convertees to not pinching and pruning?

  9. wow
    I am away for a week and you run off this way.
    You two never cease to amaze me.

  10. leon, sounds tasty!

    mark, it's going to be very interesting over the next few years!

    jon, :)

    carolyn, can you imagine a US president who's not married, living with his partner, and with four children from a previous partner? I love France.

    judy, she's going to have to work again to keep her husband in the style to which he'd like to be accustomed. And yes, I'm still a tomato pincher!

    bill, I know! I have many blogger friends in the Boston area now and need to plan a trip so I can meet you all!

    pollygarter, hmmmmmm, I'll have to check that out.

    emm, correct! Good eye!

    michael, and the amazement is just beginning!

  11. Walt,

    I'm catching up as to why you're on the North American continent.



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