Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to the future

Now that we're home, I can say with total certainty that this trip was a momentous one for us. Ken and I got married, legally, in New York. A new president (and one more aligned with our politics) was elected in France. President Obama visited Albany while we were there, and the next day pronounced his support for marriage equality. We spent time with old friends, family, and blogger buddies.

A kid in blue on the harbor in Rockport, Massachusetts, 5 May 2012.

I kept marveling toward the end of our stay how all of our plans went smoothly. The glitches were few and unimportant. I'd like to chalk it up as a testament to my planning skills, but I know a little luck was involved.

So, for the next bunch of blog posts, I'm going to go back and share some of the photos and stories from our two weeks in the northeastern U.S. and Canada. We visited five states and two countries, albeit some of them very briefly.


  1. Sorry that we didn't connect. Did you see me wave?

  2. You know those planning skills played a big part! It really does help things go smoothly when a trip is well planned, at least when you want to get many things accomplished. Great job, it seems to me :) I really look forward to more pictures and posts about the trip!

  3. Congrats on everything!! Please post a picture of Ptown, one of my favorite places. We are going there in a few weeks and can't wait! Welcome home!

  4. Looking forward to admiring new pics of your great trip...



  5. Walt,

    I'm disappointed that you didn't make it to the first town (Lewes) in the first state (Delaware) where I live and work. I'm glad though that you had a enjoyable and safe trip. I bet you have a lot of new, fond memories.


    We even have a winery down here in humble Lewes, DE.

  6. mark, was that you?

    judy, I am kind of nerdy like that. Of course, spontaneous can be fun, too!

    lynn, Hi! I certainly will post p-town, but it will be at the end (because it was the end of our trip). The photo of the two girls in the burger shop a few days ago is from p-town.

    mary07, I hope you like them.

    ron, there were so many places I didn't get to and people I didn't get to see on this trip. I'll just have to plan another!

  7. Well, obviously, it was your presence that made Obama see the light.


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