Saturday, May 12, 2012

Steuben Street

That's the name of this little lane that runs up Capitol Hill from down by the river on Broadway. The pretty red building on the right side of the photo was restored back in the early eighties as the Steuben Athletic Club, a high end gym.

Steuben Street with the Athletic Club on the right.

The weather changed on Friday. The winds picked up and the rain moved off to the east. But the wind kicked up and the temperatures dropped a little. On Friday I went for my morning walk and it was 47º, but the sun was out and the wind was still. It was very pleasant, even invigorating. I saw three or four beautiful dogs being walked in the neighborhood.

Also on Friday, we drove from Albany up to Montréal for the weekend. Since I wrote this post in advance, I'll have more about that later.


  1. Wow. Steuben Street is charming. I didn't know Albany had it in her! I look forward to your posts from Montreal. Haven't been there in an even longer time.

  2. I've only been to Montréal once, so I'm looking forward to your posts, as well. I've really enjoyed these views of Albany :)

  3. I like the ziggy-zaggy street. It reminds me of a street in Philadelphia, the name of which I can't remember.

  4. My New York City-born parents always bad-mouthed Albany as a dull, drab town. When I first visited (lunch with Alan Bennett Ilagan) I thought it a really charming town. That impression was reinforced when I stopped for lunch and a visit with Sean Breen on a couple of occasions. I liked very much what i've seen and done there.

  5. how long is that drive? It sounds long given the different country and culture.
    I would enjoy visiting either city.

  6. mitch, Albany does have its charm, but it's hard to compare it to the much larger cities like Boston and Montréal. Stay tuned, I'll be getting to the Montréal photos soon.

    judy, there's more! I'll be posting more photos from everywhere once we're back home. :)

    starman, I'm no help... I don't know Philadelphia at all.

    will, it's all about the people. ;)

    michael, Albany to Montréal is about 4 hours by car. But it's eons away in terms of language and culture.


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