Friday, May 11, 2012

The sun'll come out...

...sometime. While Monday was a brilliantly sunny day, the days since have been overcast and wet. No matter, we've spent the time going to store to restaurant to store, getting our shopping and eating done. Don't get the wrong idea, this is not huge shopping we're talking about, just some little things that we like that we can't get back in France and a few clothing items.

Sitting under a red umbrella, having a glass of wine in downtown Albany on Monday.

French jeans are very expensive, so we find good bargains here. And we found some sneakers on sale for much less money than we would have spent at home. Ken and I each got a new camera -- we had ordered them from Amazon prior to the trip -- and we're enjoying learning how to use them.

Last night some friends from Alabama came to town. They are traveling in the Northeast and decided to swing through Albany while we are here. We, they, and the friends we are staying with went out to a tavern out in Voorheesville for dinner Wednesday night. Smitty's (it's actually called Smith's Tavern) has been around since 1945, but there's been a restaurant on the site since 1901. They started serving their famous pizza in 1959. We had a great time, until they turned the volume way up on the jukebox and the country music started blaring.


  1. Ugh, Country Music.
    Tell me that it was at least some old time Country. The new stuff barely passes for Country.

  2. Walt, was that Evelyn and company that you visited with?

    (I second the "Ugh", Mark)

  3. Walt

    Enjoy your drive and don't be surprised if you see the police in full gear in the downtown area - some of the students have been on strike for the past 3 months and there have been some clashes during their marches and demonstrations.

  4. C'etait moi et mon mari, Judy;) The pizza was really good, the company was even better!

  5. Country is not my choice of listening, either.

    Pizza is always good with or without dear friends.

    Mary in Oregon

  6. Evelyn, quel plaisir! Did Ken or Walt say that you two had been driving around to other states, too? Did you see Amy H./Plum at a book signing? Oh, wait! There was one in your actual town, wasn't there?!

  7. Walt, I love the new look of your Grandmother's house!

  8. We've been in Maryland, New Jersey, NY and right now we are in Newport, RI. DD is going to meet Amy tonight at her hometown library. I guess I'll have to catch Amy next time around. Everything happened at once this trip...

  9. Something the matter with country music? Hee Haw!

  10. mark, well, it was some Garth Brooks, but also some Patsy Cline and some rock and roll with Jerry Lee Lewis. But it was LOUD.

    judy, it was Evelyn and Lewis, indeed!

    t.b., thanks for the "heads up." We did see some demonstrations on Friday in the UQAM neighborhood near our hotel. Then we saw the stories on the news this morning.

    mary, and the pizza was good!

    bettyann, so do I! I'm glad the place is getting a new life. The people who bought it must be enjoying it.

    evelyn, as always, it was a pleasure. We enjoyed our time with you and Lewis.

    ron, nothing at all. In the right place, at the right time, at the right volume. ;)


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