Saturday, May 26, 2012

First day in Albany

After our dinner in Kittery, Maine (our third state, just over the border from Portsmouth, NH), Bob drove us back to the Boston suburbs; I think I slept in the car. The next day he took us out for a nice American breakfast at Julie's Place in Acton. Eggs, hash browns, coffee, yum. We rode around a bit looking at some local sights before heading back to the house to pack up the car.

Welcome to Albany!

While we packed up, Bob's wife Norma called from Florida and we had a nice conversation on the speaker phone; the next best thing to being there. We watched CNN just long enough to see that François Hollande was elected president of France, then bid our farewells to Bob and headed west to Albany, New York (our fourth state). It was a beautiful three-hour drive through the Berkshires. We got to our friends' house outside of Albany around five o'clock. After our hellos and some catching up, we ordered some take-out Buffalo style chicken wings for dinner and settled in.

Pearl Street in downtown Albany, looking south.

The next day was Monday and we had a mission: to get our marriage license. Ken and I went downtown to City Hall and applied. We had all the papers we needed and, although one set of papers raised more questions than it should have, the kinks were ironed out and we left with our license. We met our friend and host Lorraine for a terrific downtown lunch. Ken and I had juicy hamburgers, Lorraine was very good and had a salad.

The Palace Theater marquis downtown. He still does concerts?

After lunch, Ken and I walked around downtown a little, soaking up the sun and enjoying stretching our legs. And we took pictures.


  1. Congratulations again Walt. It sounds like it was quite the eventful trip!

  2. Hey - on vacation, one must obey: When in Rome, do as the Romans do (eat hamburgers, of course!).

    Mary in Oregon

  3. "one set of papers raised more questions"....more info needed!

  4. judy, yup!

    bill, thank you! Yes, quite eventful, and everything went smoothly.

    mary, you got it!

    starman, it had to do with a previous marriage.

  5. Gordon Lightfoot ?!

    I thought he was dead !

  6. michael, I did, too. Either he's not, or it's an incredible simulation!

  7. Looks like you both had a great day in Albany, NY! Have you tried the Athos Restaurant there? If not, I think you should try it. They offer delicious Greek cuisines at very affordable prices. Plus, they have exceptional customer service, and the ambiance is also good.

  8. The Palace Theater! I'll be there with my kids on February 1st! We’re going to see Sesame Street Live "Elmo's Super Heroes". They’re so excited about that! After the event, we’ll try to see other attractions in the city! :'D


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