Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Two lips

This coming weekend in Albany, NY, is the annual tulip festival. The city, founded as a Dutch settlement and trading post by Henry Hudson in 1609, celebrates its Dutch heritage every May when the thousands of tulips planted in city parks bloom. With this year's very early spring, however, the tulips have come and gone in advance of the festival.

These tulips in a planter box are not in Albany, but in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Oh well. Stuff happens. We won't be here for the festival in any case as we're heading up to Montréal for the weekend (more about that later).

For now we're running around doing some shopping, eating some food, seeing some friends, taking some pictures, and generally having a good time. Today I'm going in for an eye exam and some new, updated glasses that I sorely need.


  1. Montreal has the hottest gay stripper places anywhere. Why don't you check some of them out and report back to us?

  2. Holy cow, tulips still? Ours around here have been gone for weeks :( Lovely to see these :)

  3. I don't know if you have been to Montréal before, but I think you will enjoy it very much, bilingual city. You must visit le Vieux Montréal. C'est une de mes villes préférées. Bon séjour.

  4. Our son Mitchell is now living in Montreal for the next two years. Sue misses him desperately.

  5. The Prez probably heard you guys were in town.

  6. I'll be anxious for your take on Montréal. My daughter enjoyed the Vieux Quartier, but said the rest of the city was just another nice, somewhat exciting big city. I've yet to get there.

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Curious Walt... where can you get eyeglasses that quickly? When I ordered mine, it took several weeks.
    Two of my colleagues at work have told us about a website they use where you can order glasses for a phenomenally low price.... like less than $30. You first get an eye exam and prescription from an eye doctor, but then you go to the website and select some frames, fill in the numbers on your prescription, and ... voilà! They both wear nice-looking glasses that they got that way!

  8. Wish you had time to see the president, but better to get glasses for all purpose seeing.
    I think the cherry blossoms bloomed early in DC this year. I guess these yearly festivals need to pick out new dates.
    Enjoy yourself and good luck with the bureaucracy

  9. Walt,

    So you did cross the Pond? Very cool!

  10. Because you are in the USA, can't you just hop over to Portland, Oregon for a visit? I will make it worth your trip.

  11. Love the purple tulips. And the yellow ones. The red one is nice, too.
    Tulips are my favourite flower !!


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