Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back in Albany

Ken and I drove down the western edge of Vermont today from Burlington back to Albany. We had a good lunch in Bennington, VT, before heading into New York State. Our weekend in Montréal was a great success.

Corning Tower in Albany rising up behind some colorful townhouses.

This week we'll be seeing some of my family. We'll also be preparing for the return trip next weekend by doing a "trial pack" to see if we can fit everything into the suitcases. Wish us luck!


  1. It is still unseasonally cold here Walt, and looks like being so for the next week at least.
    So you'll be able to wear extra layers and leave room in the cases.

  2. Buy another suitcase.

  3. I feel like you two will feel all refreshed after this nice trip together, getting to catch up on all of the North American things you've maybe missed :) I hope the border folks are nice to you coming back into France :))

  4. Love the colors of the photo of the Corning Tower. Polly had a good idea for layering up to make room in your suitcase for trip goodies.

  5. Mark

    I believe that you are allowed only ONE check-in luggage on AF ( unless you are flying business or you are a frequent flyer) - otherwise you will have to pay $75 for another one checked luggage ( last yr they had a promo - if you purchase for that extra luggage on the net you will have a discount but, since AF depends on Delta for their IT and CSR services, their system is always down for situations like this). What we did last yr was carrying some new items in a store shopping bag and bring it as cabin luggage ( you are allowed a computer bag and a carry-on with specific dimensions in the cabin)

  6. "to see if we can fit everything into the suitcases" Well, there's always UPS.

  7. I've done the layering that Pollygarter suggested, on an EasyJet flight in the UK when I messed up by getting a boarding pass too early and couldn't change to a checked bag. Five T-shirts, etc. But once past the check-in, you can shed the layers and stuff them into an extra collapsible bag. Have a good family visit.

  8. I always try to leave a little empty space while packing for those inevitable shopping purchases.

  9. pollygarter, I think we're going to take mark's advice and buy another suitcase.

    mark, yup.

    judy, they're normally very nice, so I'm not worried.

    evelyn, we think Ken's bag will qualify as a carry-on, so he's going to get another one to check.

    t.b., I think the extra bag charge on our AF flight is $50 (US). I hope we don't need to check an extra bag!

    starman, we considered that!

    emm, wearing too much will overheat me and I don't like that. ;)

    michael, us too, but sometimes our best efforts are not good enough. Too much shopping!

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  12. Hi Walt !
    I was angry before getting on the A380 on my trip to Montreal... I had to pay 75€ because the security guy considered the soft bag in which I had put some extra cardigans and scarves (in case it'd be much colder in Montreal than in France) as an extra bag... Thus I had to walk back to have my cabin suitcase registered... Consequently, when I flew back to France, I kind of rolled the soft bag, put it into my cabin suitcase and, as soon as I had gone through the security, took my soft bag out of the case to put my duty free purchases, etc. into it... Bon sang !!!!!
    Mary who deleted her previous posts to suppress typos...


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