Monday, November 06, 2017

Island walk

On Sunday morning I decided to take Tasha for a walk on the island in the Cher River at Saint-Aignan. There's a park on the island, a restaurant, the municipal swimming pool, and garden allotments for the town's residents. We arrived just before sunrise and the streetlights were still on. There was almost no car traffic in town at that hour, and it felt like we had the island to ourselves.

The church's two towers rise above the rooftops on the left, the château is built on the bluff above.

This is a view of Saint-Aignan's church and château from the island's southern bank at the bridge. Where you see the water flowing are the foundations of a long-demolished grist mill, built on and adjacent to the bridge. The river is dammed there to form a reservoir of water that once powered the mill. In the foreground is a lock for boat traffic, of which there is little to none these days. I've never seen the lock used.


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