Monday, November 20, 2017

The living room

This time of year it's often dark. Cloudy, foggy, rainy, whatever. I usually have a fire in the wood stove for heat. It helps us save on fuel oil. I also like to light candles. It gives some light and some color in the room during these darkening days.

Not so dark on this day, but the camera can make it look lighter than it really feels.

At some point in December, probably around the fifteenth, I'll put up the holiday tree. Those lights will get us through the darkest days and into the new year. The living room is called le salon in French.


  1. Your salon looks very comfortable and inviting.

  2. J'aime ton salon. The only thing that could make it better would be to have you, Ken, Tasha and Bertie in the photo.

  3. Beautiful! Is the rug new? I love it.

  4. What is that interesting wooden chest under the clock?

  5. This salon has a lovely comforting feeling for this dark time of year.

  6. andrew, it's a difficult room because, I think, the fireplace is in the wrong place.

    bettyann, haha!

    evelyn, no, that rug is at least 20 years old. I got it at Macy's San Francisco.

    diane, it's a Malaysian chest of drawers that I found in San Francisco many years ago.

    thickethouse, :)

  7. Very comfy and homely yet stylish. That takes good taste to acheive.

  8. that room looks so inviting...all that's missing is a bottle of wine...


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