Friday, November 24, 2017

Make like a tree and leave

So I raked on Wednesday. As I mentioned earlier, it took about an hour. Tasha helped by barking very loudly every time I moved the rake and by jumping up onto me with muddy paws when I dumped the leaves in the garden. She's good like that.

Now you see 'em... you don't.

The morning started out chilly and foggy, but the sun eventually came out. I used an old refuse can with wheels to take the leaves out to the garden in back. It took seven trips. I dumped the leaves in piles, but didn't spread the piles over the garden plot. So, naturally, the wind picked up overnight and blew things around. Fortunately, the piles held their shapes pretty well and I'll be able get them spread out soon enough.

Next spring the leaves will get tilled into the soil as part of the compost.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. We ate snails in garlic/parsley butter for the appetizer, then the main course of roasted leg of lamb with steamed and sautéed Brussels sprouts and beans. We followed that with a small cheese course, then dessert of pumpkin pie. The beans and the pumpkin came from our garden, the beans having been shelled and dried a couple of months ago, and the pumpkin having been roasted and frozen from the 2016 garden. Another successful holiday meal!


  1. I used to enjoy raking leaves ... for about 30 seconds.

  2. I think everyone enjoys leftovers. Let us know what you do with the lamb.

  3. My first dog Finlay loved to kick leaves... the thought of it breaks my heart

  4. mitch, I feel the same way. But it's got to be done. I remembered the other day that I also used to saw logs and trim hedges this time of year. Unimaginable, now.

    sheila, on day two we ate it cold with mayonnaise. The next meal will be a lamb hachis parmentier.

    john, it's often those annoying things we miss the most. :(


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