Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Here's Tasha on our Sunday island walk. I let her off her leash while we walked around the garden allotments on the western end of the island. There are no cars allowed in there and there was nobody around. She really had no place to go but along the paths with me. And she was very well behaved and stayed close. Of course, there were no distractions (people, other dogs, etc.).

Tasha waits for me while we cross the island between garden plots.

Otherwise, she was on her leash. I recently got a "jogger's leash," as it's called. It's a belt I can wear around my coat. The leash part is like a bungee cord and attaches to the belt, leaving my hands free to hold the camera. It takes a little getting used to, especially when Tasha runs around me essentially binding my legs, but we're getting used to it.


  1. I now have an image of you wrapped tightly around the legs in Tasha's lease as she continues to run in circles ... and you still taking pictures.

  2. Tasha does stand out against all that greenery.

  3. Ha ha, Mitchell's image is also the one I had in mind...!

  4. mitch, at least I haven't fallen over. Yet.

    judy, :)

    anne marie, thank goodness. Callie blended right in.

    jan, it happens every time.


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