Monday, November 13, 2017

Lazy river and the joys of home ownership

This is the Cher on a Sunday morning at sunrise. Not yesterday, but a week ago. Yesterday it rained. Now the season is getting more seasonal. Rain, wind, and much cooler temperatures. November. I'll be bundling up for my morning walk today. We're down below 4ºC (about 39ºF). Not freezing. Not yet.

Looking downstream from the western tip of the island at Saint-Aignan.

We had a little series of house issues over the weekend. First, a light switch started shorting out (we think) causing our main breaker to trip a few times. Not good for the appliances or the computers. I'll be taking a look at that later today when the sun brightens things. I'm hoping I won't need to call an electrician. Meanwhile, we're not using that light.

Next, we noticed that the concrete pipe that drains our kitchen sink under the house to the sewer system was becoming clogged. We didn't have a serious problem, but I had to open the drains to clear the clog before it got worse, a nasty, smelly job in the cold utility room. This is a recurring thing caused by the calcaire (calcium) levels in our water, and I have a power snake to help clear these kinds of clogs. I should have done it this past summer, but I didn't.

Then we discovered a leak in the water supply pipe that feeds the dishwasher. Drip, drip, drip. Wet floor under the sink. I'll probably have to call the plumber for that one.

And to top it all off, one of the cars is leaking oil on the garage floor, explaining why the "check oil" light came on last week. Ken will take the car in to the garage this morning.

Mama said there'll be days like this, there'll be days like this, mama said.


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    1. My thoughts precisely, it never rains but what it pours.

  2. Well at least it's not all happening two days before you head off on a long trip or something. Have you not had a frost yet this year? We've had a couple, including one which was quite hard and froze water in buckets and suchlike.

  3. I guess it says something about your home-owning history if you have your own power snake.

  4. Walt, all our computers and hifi are on UPSs...
    we get a lot of power outages and brown-outs here so we decided to invest in protection...
    so, now, they run isolated from mains.... cost around 100€ each.... and we now have five!
    But we are able to save work, shut down machines and rest easy!

  5. Just a quick note that the font you use makes CLOG look like DOG to me. Will it do it in this comment? clog / dog.

  6. Oh, heavens! All of those things at once... yuck. My husband always makes me look on the bright (or at least less-dark side), even though I would usually really prefer just to get to vent and be frustrated :) So... as Susan said, at least you're not on your way out to vacation...or AWAY on vacation...or needing to take time off from work to deal with everything. Ha! Keep us posted on the repairs.

  7. Plumbing, electrical and cars, three things I don't try to fix myself - I flooded a house once after replacing a faucet.

  8. Your mama was right.
    I find that periodic drain cleaning with baking soda and vinegar keeps things cleared out. I'm guessing that would work against excess calcium. ??

  9. mitch, jean, oh no! Now I'm worried about the roof!

    susan, there's always a bright side! We've had some very light frost, but no freezing of puddles or buckets. Yet.

    stuart, never had one before! I also have two manual snakes. This house has finicky drains.

    potty, I hope I don't snake the dog! ;)

    judy, this is work! Retirement is 24/7. LOL.

    travel, oops. I can do some light electrical, and even lighter plumbing, but not cars.

    emm, it should, but vinegar needs to be hot to dissolve the calcaire, I think. We also use acid.

  10. oh the joys of being an adult - NOT!

  11. The method I use to to dump some baking soda down the drain, followed by cheap white vinegar. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then flush with hot water. It keeps drains pretty well cleared out. Although, as you say, it may not work on a problem already in place.


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