Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

This is our road heading up the hill from the river valley to our hamlet. Tasha and I are on the final leg of our typical evening loop that I call "down and around." The walk up the hill is good for us me. We sometimes start our walk off-leash, but once we're on the way down I hook her up. She has run off after deer (and one cyclist) and there are cars along a good portion of our route, so the leash is necessary.

Tasha pauses for a photo on our way up the hill.

I'm looking forward to the day when we won't need the leash for most of our walks. Callie's good behavior spoiled us. Even so, in Callie's first years she, too, could disappear for a while, chasing a deer, a rabbit, or playing with another dog. But Callie was always afraid of cars and wouldn't get near them. Tasha shows all the signs of wanting to chase cars, so we have to be very careful.


  1. She is a beauty and so is that walk.

  2. The long and winding road. Nice shot.

  3. Beautiful shot. We had a collie in our neighborhood who chased cars, you are smart to keep Tasha checked for now.

  4. That would be a very nice place to bicycle!

  5. Maybe she thinks that cars are errant sheep, and her herding instincts come into play. Lovely road.

  6. mitch, you should hear her bark...

    stuart, thanks.

    evelyn, she needs to learn.

    judy, :)

    bill, it's steeper than it looks...

    anne marie, that's fur sure!

    emm, anything that moves. Including the lawn mower.


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