Saturday, November 25, 2017

Funky feline fotos

When the sun is out, especially this time of year, Bert likes to take advantage and soak up the rays. Lately he's been napping on the deck table. That's over now, since on Friday I took the table and chairs down to the garage for the winter.

Bert lounges on the deck table for the last time this year.

I also got the garden hose rolled up and put away while Ken did some work cleaning up the walkway and the greenhouse. Tasha pitched in, too, with plenty of barking and running around. We had a relatively warm week (I didn't need to build a fire for a few days), but a new weather system moved through last night and we're told to expect more chilly weather from now forward. 'Tis the season.


  1. It's been more chilly here, too (yes, everything's relative). We closed all of the glass curtain the other night and now have a green house... and two very happy cats.

  2. Something so consoling about seeing a sleeping cat. Having gone from 3 down to 1 in less than six months I appreciate it/him more than ever.

  3. Mr. Bert gets to lounge all winter in front of the stove/fire yes? Lucky cat !

  4. mitch, I'll bet!

    raybeard, he seems to have a good life here. He's basically an outdoor cat, but his indoor privileges have greatly increased recently.

    michael, yes, he does.

  5. awwwww, the contented kitty. such a good boy!


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