Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tasha and her Tricky Treat Ball

I'm experimenting with my camera's video features. I'm not at all confident, but here's a first try. Tasha gets kibble in the Tricky Treat Ball each day. She loves to push the ball around the deck and gobble up the kibble as it falls out. There is sound if you can listen. Click on the Play arrow to start the video.

So, how was that?


  1. Works fine technically. I never expected, when I first got a digital camera, that the video would be so useful. It didn't take long to realise that so many things were better captured in video than stills; but as you've discovered the auto settings don't always cope well with high contrast, and animals never do what you would like them to do for the video (do they ever?)!

    The next step is to find some editing software......

  2. She's cracked it! Clever girl!

  3. She's adorable. I'm sometimes interested in making more use of video, but then I'd have to get into editing software, and then I think I'd become obsessed.

  4. Great to see and to hear your voice. Both smooth!

  5. Also an interesting addition: first time I'm able to hear your voice, Walt :-)!

  6. I love that silly little treats ball!

  7. Tasha looks fully grown now. Nice video for us.

  8. shes a smart cookie.......i guess the ball doesnt fit under the railing?

  9. That was great! I love how she's small enough to just walk under the chairs. Nice to hear your voice, too!

  10. Tasha is so much fun! And nice to hear your voice...

  11. It looks like a lot of fun for a dog.

  12. Loved watching that. You should do it more often maybe? Not just Tasha, but also the surroundings (especially now, with all the autumn colours), the house, St Aignan, the vineyard.

  13. Loved Tasha's film debut! And is that a new "About the Author" photo or have I not been observant? Very nice.

  14. Loved it

    Great video! Hope you produce more! Tasha really gets some exercise chasing after the treat ball. She's so cute!Is Tasha fully grown?

  15. autolycus, the editing is an issue. I have what came with my computer, basic, but lacking. Not to mention my lack of skills with video...

    raybeard, she learned how to do that from Callie, who herself learned in about an hour when she was a puppy.

    mitch, I see a great time sink...

    potty, for the video, the editor has a stabilization tool. Not so for the voice.

    jan, :)

    judy, it's a great help in occupying the dog and giving her a little exercise!

    evelyn, I think you're right. She probably won't be getting much bigger.

    melinda, no, thankfully! She can't toss it over. She does send it down the stairs when she plays indoors.

    ginny, sometimes (the lack of) height is helpful!

    thickethouse, I could take a video of her standing and barking... not so much fun! lol

    andrew, anything that involves food...

    elgee, I'm thinking about it!

    bettyann, yes, new photo. They look better before they get reduced in size...

    vza, good!


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