Friday, November 17, 2017

Sunrise and Beaujolais

This is what Wednesday's sunrise looked like as Tasha and I headed out into the vineyard for our morning walk. It was cold outside, just above freezing, and fog was forming as it got lighter. The combination of the ground fog and the clouds catching the sun's first rays was magical.

Sunrise over the vineyards, looking toward the southwest.

I got some of the new Beaujolais on Thursday and opened a bottle for lunch. Tasty! Last year I thought that the nouveau tasted ordinary, like a normal gamay. Nothing wrong with that, but it was nothing to write home about (even though I blogged about it). This year I can taste that nouveau quality that last year's wine lacked. I'm not very good with wine adjectives, but I've always described it as a "chalky" flavor or texture, whereas a regular-release gamay is normally much smoother. In my opinion.


  1. Totally agree with Mitchell; I love that "golden ratio".

  2. Hey! I notice you have a new self portrait up there in the "About the author" spot :). Is that the Paris map behind you?

    1. judy, yes, that's the Paris map in the wc...

  3. So beautiful! It is the usual November grey in Delmar....

  4. Lovely picture, very Constable. Such a glorious sky.

  5. Oh! Thank you for reminding me it is 'that time of year'. I should get me a bottle or two on the morrow.

  6. You have inspired me: I got two bottles today.


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