Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Crushed can with shards

Not much to say today. My big plans: raking leaves. The two big maples in front are bare and the leaves are on the ground. And they're dry. With rain expected by Friday, I want to get out there move the leaves to the garden plot. It shouldn't take long once I get started.

The can was probably crushed by car tires moving along this dirt road.

The leaves under the linden tree out back are still not all down. And yet, the ground beneath the tree is covered with a golden carpet. I probably won't be motivated to do much about that today, except for maybe clearing the walkway. That would be a good thing to accomplish.


  1. Looks like a news-scarce day.

  2. I love the clever title of your photo.

  3. Makes for a nice cubist abstract.

  4. raybeard, lol. Yup. Thankfully. :)

    mitch, clever?

    stuart, but I don't see any cubes... ;)


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