Thursday, November 02, 2017

Ah, grasshopper

I saw this nice green grasshopper on a deck chair the other day. I went to get the camera and when I returned, the insect was gone. Except that it wasn't. It had just climbed around to the other side of the chair. Sly devil.

Are you lookin' at me?

Yesterday, I saw it again. I wondered if it was the same one, but then I saw another nearby. The cooling weather may be forcing the insects to seek warmer places. When we have sunny mornings, the deck tiles warm up. Bert likes to lay in the sun there and so does Tasha. Maybe the grasshoppers enjoy it, too.


  1. Technically it's a bushcricket (what Americans call a katydid). It's female, with a long swordlike ovipositor out the back.

  2. It's a beauty, though my instinctive reaction would be to keep a distance even though I'm aware that it's surely harmless. Rather see a picture of it than the real thing.

  3. Beautiful contrast between the green insect and the whatever it's sitting on -- a metal table edge?
    She really does seem to be giving you a bit of side-eye.

  4. susan, interesting!

    raybeard, they don't bother me so much.

    anne marie, :)

    emm, it's a resin garden chair.

  5. Brilliant photo! It must have taken patience, young grasshopper.


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