Saturday, November 04, 2017

Food and weather

On Thursday, I grilled hamburgers for lunch. That may have been the last time I use the grill until next spring. We're expecting a cool-down over the weekend, although Saturday is expected to be nice. But the forecast for the next week shows morning lows approaching zero. Freezing. And highs are not expected to get up to much more than 10ºC (high 40sF).

A small apple tree out among the grape vines silhouetted against a clear sky.

Friday's pizza was delicious, but I didn't take any photos. We topped both pizzas with smoked chicken, bell peppers, and Emmental cheese. Today, Ken is making sauerkraut, which we'll eat for a few days with potatoes and various pork products like saucisse de Montbéliard (smoked sausage), saucisse de Francfort (basically a hot dog), and cured pork belly (like slab bacon). Yum!


  1. Yes, yum!
    How did you like the new grill?

  2. judy, I like it a lot. The grill surface is better, and the grease tray is much easier to clean.


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