Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

With Bert. Whenever there is something going on in the kitchen, there is the possibility of food. At least from the perspective of the dog and cat. Tasha and Bert often join forces to elicit compassion in the chef, hoping for a handout, a tasty morsel or, at the very least, something inadvertently dropped onto the floor. Stuff happens.

Tasha and Bert plan their strategy while Ken works at the kitchen sink.

Something funny (from my perspective) happened on Monday: Tasha discovered the back window of the car. We took two cars to the garage so we could drop one off for its oil change. Tasha and I were in the lead and Ken followed behind us. I told Tasha that he was back there and she just happened to look behind. Then she couldn't stop looking behind. She turned around and put her front paws up on the seat back to watch the car behind us. I don't know if she actually could see that it was Ken following us, but she was fascinated. I laughed the whole way over to the garage.


  1. Waiting for the equivalent of manna dropping from heaven? No fools, them!

  2. Ahhh, that is hilarious about the back window! And, seeing the two of them here just makes me smile :)
    I loved that photo of your living room in the last post :)

  3. always love seeing Bert inside....so glad he and Tasha r friends

  4. Bertie has a different life now. Tasha is really smart and so cute.

  5. Cute photo and cute Tasha story. I have always loved your sunny yellow kitchen with its red tile floor. Thanks for another picture of it!

  6. Wonderful photo. How marvellous to see dog and cat together like that, almost fellow conspirators.
    I miss Callie (or at least, seeing pictures of her) but the relationship between Tasha and Bert is so lovely to see.

  7. Another vote for Column A: Glad that Tasha and Bertie get along well.
    It's nice, too, that he gets to spend time inside, especially nice with winter coming on.
    I like the pattern and colors of the kitchen floor, very pleasing.

  8. raybeard, they know when there might be food!

    judy, puppyhood can be frustrating, but it's fun to watch them learn new things.

    melinda, he's getting older, so I'm sure he appreciates being indoors more.

    evelyn, he's still mostly an outdoor cat, but he gets to be inside a lot more.

    bettyann, :)

    jean, we miss Callie, too. We didn't get much of the "two dogs" experience.

    emm, at first I thought the tile was too busy, but it actually works pretty well.

  9. That photo is priceless. I'm please to have two cats that have absolutely no interest in people food.

  10. patience, children, and daddy will drop something for you!

  11. My dog is obsessed with looking out of the back window of the car. I'm now jealous of following drivers who get a head and paws for company at traffic lights!


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