Thursday, November 09, 2017

Picnic spot

Tasha and I made our way around the up-river (eastern) tip of the island on Sunday morning before heading west to the garden allotments. This part of the island is directly across from the center of town, its church, and the château. Much of the area is open and grassy, with a playground and a small sandy beach on the northern side.

Saint-Aignan's church rises up over the quay on the town side (southern bank) of the river. There is little cruise boat docked there.

This part of the island is the site of several festivals that are held during the year, when tents and booths are put up and sometimes a stage for musical events. There are a few small permanent pavilions, some festival lights strung up, and several picnic tables available nearby. I don't think I've ever been to an event on the island, but I've seen them going on from town.


  1. I love seeing your shots of town. So great that you can take these long walks with Tasha now.

  2. mitch, she'd go farther, if could keep up.

    melinda, yes, but we don't. It's about 2.5 kilometers along a busy road. There's a trail, but it's not really conducive to a good walk with the dog. Easier to drive, park, and walk.


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